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IXIY Hosting is a low cost web hosting service provider specializes in blog hosting and small business web hosting.

Blog Hosting is the hosting market we have been focusing and putting effort in providing excellent service since 2005. Newbie blogger or veteran blogger, we are always here for you. In IXIY Hosting, we go an extra mile to offer free assistance upon request to new bloggers. Setting up Wordpress blog? Moving content from old blog? No problem!

Small Business Web Hosting offers you the piece of mind to run online business. We use only premium servers running minimum Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor and SA-SCSI RAID harddisk. Our business growth depends upon your success, so rest assured you’ll get the best from us. On top of that, the ability to host multiple domains in the same hosting account gives an extra space for your business expansion too. Want to grow your small business to enterprise business? No problem!

Note From The CEO

Dear visitors,

Thank you for visiting IXIY Hosting website.

Since I started getting involved in Web Hosting around mid 2004, server performance and reliability has always been the top priority when I choose a Web Host. I believe most of our clients think the same as I do. Now as a Web Host ourselves, there is no doubt we should strive to offer excellent hosting experience to the clients because they are here for a reliable web hosting service. I’m not making this statement out of thin air because I have a personal blog with uptime record of more than 99.9% tracking since October, 2007. If the server is always up and running without a problem, I’m sure everyone will be happy then.

While taking care of our servers we also strive to provide the best customer service we could. To be honest, server with absolutely no downtime is hard to achieve in long term, though possible, because server maintenance such as Operating System upgrade, hardware upgrade, etc, will need to be performed from time to time. At any case, we will do our best to keep a minimal downtime. On top of that, as a caring host we are willing to go an extra mile when a client needs our help at any time. We also make sure no support ticket will be left unattended or unanswered for more than 24 hours.

Customer satisfaction is a goal that will continue for IXIY Hosting and I will do everything in my power to make sure this goal is achieved at all time for our company. I believe customer satisfaction is the key to success and IXIY Hosting takes that very seriously. Anyway, if you are still not a client of ours, why not give us a chance to serve you now?

Thanks for reading.


IXIY Hosting gives our clients access to the best technology available in hosting industry :-
  • * Host at various datacenters worldwide
  • * Premium servers with Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • cPanel website control panel
  • Web-based email accounts
  • PHP / Mysql / Perl / Server-side Includes
  • File Manager / FTP Manager
  • Website statistics and analysis
  • * FREE Wordpress blog setup
  • * FREE blog content transfer

Have questions? Get in touch with our sales representative now! Need assistance? Open a support ticket and let us help you.
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quote Testimonial From 5xmom

5xmom (client since July 2005) : I want a reliable hosting which ensure that my sites run 24/7 without downtime… never compare webhosting packages based on the dollar amount. The main criteria is to find out if the company is reliable.

quote Testimonial From Paris B.

Paris B. (client since March 2007) : I presently have 3 hosting accounts with Ixiy.com which is saying a LOT about how much I trust them.